Open Circle Sangha’s purpose is to facilitate opportunities for people to practice and study Zen Buddhism in Montana. Buddhist meditation and teachings are invaluable in helping people live lives of greater clarity and compassion, and we are committed to helping make the simplicity and serenity of Zen meditation and Zen practice available to anyone who is interested.

Whether you are new to Buddhism and curious about Zen, are seeking to establish a meditation practice, simply find out more about meditation, or join a meditation group, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Our Address:

825 Helena Ave.  Helena, MT
Phone: 406-443-6224   
Email: opencirclesanghamt@gmail.com


Morning zazen (meditation) 7:10 a.m – 7:50 a.m

Wednesday evenings : zazen, followed by a short reading, then dharma talk or discussion: 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Once or twice a year, in the Spring or Fall, we have an 8-day intensive, which includes two daily morning periods of zazen and and one daily afternoon period, and an extended session on Sundays that includes zazen and a Dharma talk. Throughout the year we offer occasional half-day sittings. Please email us for more information.


Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Because we call ourselves Open Circle Sangha, and because we call the place where we sit Beginner’s Mind Zendo, you may rightly surmise that we are open to beginners joining us. We are here because we find it effective for us to come together to practice what is described below. … Continue reading